The Honeyed Knot

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The Honeyed Knot (which owes its title to Jeffrey Ford's short story) is mainly all about book reviews, mainly speculative fiction, but if you intend to follow this blog, know that you may encounter discussions about literature (genre and mainstream occasionally), tv series (most of which are listed in the interest section), cinema, comics, mangas, animes, issues of translation and language, publishing, fanfiction, podcast, podiobooks, audiobooks, feminism, race, gender, literary criticism... all wrapped up in one nice and messy and ok, honeyed... well, knot.

Consider yourself warned...

If you really must know, in real life, I'm a twenty something French girl working as a foreign rights assistant in a literary agency in London. I am also a first reader and translator of the newly founded bilingual (French-English) webzine Onirismes and a proud member of the French online genre book club Le Cercle d'Atuan.


Le Cercle d'Atuan
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